Hilltop Designer Radiators Induction Questionnaire

The Induction Trainee must acquire an 80% pass mark. i.e. Give the correct answer to at least 8 of the 10 questions listed below.

Please scroll to the questions once you have finished watching the Induction Training Video

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1. Under current legislation does the employee have any responsibility for Health and Safety in the workplace?
2. Can you detail what a Hazard is?
3. Where is your Assembly point?
4. Is smoking allowed on the premises?
5. Name one of the four types of safety signage outlined in the induction presentation?
6. Are you allowed to drive a Forklift Truck or a Power Pallet Truck?
7. Are you required to fill out a daily safety check sheet prior to using a Fork-lift truck?
8. Are you allowed to operate phones and or other devices while operating a Fork – lift Truck?
9. Whilst taking the temperature test, you notice that your temperature is 38 degree or above. What procedure should you follow?
10. If you have cold or Flu like symptoms should you come in to work?
11. Given the latest statistics, what is the percentage risk rating of Covid infection while maintaining a distance of 2 meters apart?
12. Are staff allowed to take photo’s of their workplace?